Central Baldwin County, AL

While the coastal communities of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores continue to grow in popularity among tourists and the Eastern Shore region thrives as more home buyers turn to the idyllic small towns when searching for a house, Central Baldwin County has made some big strides of its own. Freckled with small towns, waterways, and golf courses, Central Baldwin County offers an exciting mixture of new developments and history. Many of the towns in Central Baldwin County were settled well over one hundred years ago and celebrate their heritage in annual events and by establishing museums.

Foley, perhaps the most well-known city in Central Baldwin County, has been garnering a lot of attention with the construction of the new Foley Sports Tourism Complex, which is now open and is used for sports competitions for teams all over the country. Foley is less than half an hour from the beach, which makes travel down from the complex and back quick and easy. There is also an amusement park currently being constructed and which promises to help attract more people to this booming little town.

Baldwin County is famous in the world of golf for its numerous golf courses, many of which are near the water and offer spectacular views of Mobile Bay or the Gulf of Mexico. Courses like Soldiers Creek, in Elberta, sit right in the middle of the county, offering seclusion and a quieter atmosphere for club members and visitors.